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Charunee Kusakabe
Meo profile
Name in Japanese 草壁チャルニー
Romaji Translation Kusakabe Charunī
Voiced by Saki Ogasawara
Age 14 years old
Gender Female
Family Masaya Kusakabe (father)
Nickname/s Meo

Charunee Kusakabe (草壁チャルニー, Kusakabe Charunī) is a girl of both Japanese and Thai descent. She arrives at the NEET Detective Team headquarters carrying a bag with 200 million yen inside, and reveals that her father was involved in handling money for a certain Yakuza group.


  • Charunee's name is a Thai word (จารุณี) derived from the Pali word "Cāruṇī", which means "pretty young girl". The name she used to introduce herself, Meo (แมว), means "cat" in Thai.
  • On the shirt Charunee wears is the Thai word น่ารัก (nâarák) which means "cute" in English.

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